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Granite Falls, Washington

Site Update (2JAN21)

Every year or so I update this site. Unfortunately, my options are limited since it is a Google Sites, site. I am only able to use the tools that Google gives me instead of the preferred method of coding it myself. The only reason I keep the site here is because it is free except for the $10 per year for the domain name.

By the way, Google no longer gives free Google Apps accounts out, which is how I utilize Google Sites. I am grandfathered in from the days when they were free.

That said, it does an adequate job and has a few nice add-on features. I had a mini-forum on here a couple years ago. I removed it since nobody used it. Other add-ons are still here, like the customers reviews and my video catalog, as well as the contact widget. I may add a Hangouts widget soon.

The Changes

New: Menus have been moved from side of pages, to top. Users now no longer have to click the menu icon to open sub-menus; they are all visible at the top of pages.

Google updated 'Sites' a while back. I have not switched over until now. It is lots different from the Classic Sites. Some things are easier for site maintenance and some things are not. In any case, pages should render better no matter the device used.

This site merges personal and business content into one compact, and hopefully efficient, package. On the business side, folks can see the services I provide, browse referrals from satisfied customer, contact me, and even make secure payments--all right here on the site.

On the personal side, folks can find out more about me, watch my videos, download my software and send messages.

Note: Video Listing will be changing from anti-American YouTube to Rumble.I will create a new Vid Listing page after transfer is complete.

The Purpose Of This Site

I offer many services with a diverse skill set.

Besides being a technician class Amateur radio operator (K7KOJ), I also write software from time to time, build websites (not so often anymore), and I offer computer repair and tutoring locally (Granite Falls, WA., although I also do remote repairs via remote access over the Internet, out of state).

I also do limited local labor (skilled and unskilled work), including, but not limited to, mowing, weed whacking and splitting wood, in season. Whatever I put my hand to, I like to do the very best I can for a fair price.

Franklin Ace 2200 computer
Apple IIe computer
Apple IIGS computer

Computer experience

My first computer was a Franklin Ace 2200 (shown) I bought around 1985. It was a short-lived (due to lawsuits by Apple) Apple IIe clone which ran Apple DOS 3.3 or ProDOS. Of course, when I got it I didn't know the first thing about computers, but became addicted and obsessed from the start.

I've had numerous computers since then; many Apples including a prized Apple IIGS, Macs, and eventually MS-DOS and Windows machines (which I have prefered for decades now). For years my interest in computers have occupied most every day, constantly learning and evolving as the technology has.

Eventually I gained a reputation of being knowledgeable and started getting queries for help when folks had problems with hardware, software or malware. It got to a point where I was getting extremely bored with teaching people the most basic things, repairing problems they shouldn't have had in the first place, and instructing them over and over on how to keep a clean machine and avoid malware, ad infinitum, until I decided I would have to start charging for this service.

Service techs charge a lot of money and often make shortcuts in order to fix problems quickly and make a good profit without having to do any tutoring or explaining of how and why the problem happened, and how to avoid them in the future. Most of my customers are also students. Rather than just reinstalling the Operating System or such, I find the problem and fix it. Then on a personal level, I try to teach the customer what happened and why, how to prevent it from happening again, and how to keep their system optimized and safe. I also charge way less than a tech would.

What is it that I do exactly

What other type of work I do

Even I have to get away from the computer from time to time. To this end and to supplement my income, I also do general and skilled labor type work. I am a general handyman of sorts and have experience in a wide variety of disciplines. I'm getting a bit older now and these days I keep it pretty simple. I offer a variety of services in the Granite Falls, Wa area.

Who can hire me

Anyone can request a service at any time. The menu has a Contact page. Send a request if you need help with something and I will get back to you.

How to contact me

Select 'Send A Message' under the 'Home' sub-menu. This site has general Feedback for any questions, quotes, concerns or comments you might want to send my way. Customers also get my phone and direct email address.

How to pay me

This site also has a hook into Paypal, where you can pay me for services and goods, right on this site using a Credit Card or Paypal Account. Customers can opt for an online invoice which contains a button for easy, secure payments. To make an online payment, simply select 'Online Payment' from the 'Services' menu. When you land on that page, click the icon or link to make a payment.

Where is that banner picture from?

It is a small waterfall along the Lake 22 Trail. The trail to Lake 22 can be found on the Mountain Loop HWY. It will be on your right around the 11 mile marker from Granite Falls. It is after Blue Bridge and before the Hemple day campground (which is on your right).

This picture was taken July 1, 2008 with a Canon PowerShot A570 IS camera.

I needed a banner picture with water and foliage from the local area. I found this in my picture archives and it seemed to look pretty cool, and dark enough for my logo.