Website Template

A Ready To Use Website!Just Add Content

Need a quality website that works with all browsers on all platforms, is customize-able and easy to maintain, yet powerful? Then my Website Template could be the solution for you.

This is a complete website with two types of pages, single column and two column (second column is a side bar). The pages are fluid, meaning they automatically adjust to screen size whether the viewer is look at them on a HD TV screen, computer or smart phone. New pages are easily created with supplied page templates which are commented extensively for novice designers. Menus can be customized and you can add your own logo for the page headers. Styling can be customized via the external CSS files.

The pages are PHP, but if you open them up in an editor, you can clearly see where you can add your content in standard HTML fashion. The website includes modal windows that can be easily used, as well as nice looking tooltips that utilize the jQuery library. Using either of these features is as easy as adding a class or id attribute to your html tags!

Optionally, you can use the included gallery. All you do is add a special template file in the folder that contains your pictures, do some simple editing to that file, and then include a link (anchor tag) to your Gallery page to point to the file. That's it. Add a class attribute to the link and your Album will show up in a nice modal window and without leaving the page. Users even have the option of viewing your pictures as a slideshow.

There are more features, but I want to stress that this is a modern fluid, easy to edit and maintain, fully ready-to-go website.

The Website is $20. Or $45 if you want me to install it for you. Send me Feedback to purchase this Website Template or if you have any questions.

You can see the Website Template in action at SnoCoHams.Net. Also, snapshots of the two types of pages are shown below.

First, here is a Two Column page

A two column page in the Website Template

Next, is a single column page

Single column page in Website Template

Finally, here is a snap of the photo gallery viewer

Gallery picture viewer in Website Template

Did I mention the site also has Feedback and an Administration Section which include modal windows?

Feedback for open in modal window in Website Template
Administration gate in Website Template