Propane Tracker program

Propane Tracker v 1.2.1 (free)

by PJ Larson 07MAR14

Lotsa New Features and Improvements:

Note: Propane Tracker only compatible with Windows xp, vista and 7

Unless demand increases, an update is on the back burner

            • Backup Utility for backing up user data and settings
            • Larger Browser window and User Definable Tax Rate
            • New Editor - now edit records direct from Browser
            • Option for dark gray background with any Theme
            • Redesigned Reports with Print and Print Preview options
            • New Analyzer Listing Reports with Print option
            • User definable Backup and Help Paths
            • Extensive Help updates and more!
            • Above added in v 1.2.0
            • v 1.2.1 adds viewer page-turning sound and better browser shortcut key selection

What It Is

Propane Tracker is a Windows program that allows you to track propane use and cost over time. It can also be used to track gas usage and cost for your vehicles, or house. It is an easy to understand, pleasant looking program that can provide you with valuable information over time.

What You Need

The only thing you need is Microsoft's NET.framework version 4 installed on your computer. You may already have it installed, check your Control Panel. Here is the download of version 4.5.1 for Windows Vista, 7 and 8:

For XP, download and install version 4:

You can also install the Microsoft .NET Framework via Microsoft Updates by selecting the correct version from 'Optional Updates'.

The Video

I've been working so hard on this program that this video is already obsolete. Still, it can give you a general idea of the program. The programs help files are up to date and have more detail, but if you would like to check out the video a made while the program was still in beta, check out, Propane Tracker Quickstart video on my YouTube channel: Go directly to the new video here:

Get Propane Tracker 1.2.1 Now

Important: If you are upgrading from version 1.0xb (a beta version) and have saved records you want to keep, first install and run version 1.1.6 one time. Then you can upgrade to version 1.2.1. If you don't have files you want to save, you can instead, delete your 'PropaneTracker' folder from your 'Documents' folder. Then install version 1.2.1.

Upgrade from any 1.1.x version with no problems. Your saved records and settings will stay intact.

1. Go to the Download Page: Propane Tracker Download Page

2. Choose file(s) you want. There are four zipped files on the download page. Click on the one(s) you want. You can roll your mouse over the icons to see the file's full name. They are as follows:

This is the latest version install folder with the Help System included.

MD5: 3D1A3C5268779AEED5EE96A070F18216

This is the latest version install folder with the Help System included.

MD5: F7BAB11A07008D7195D1876072127FBB

This is installer is for upgrades from beta versions

before installing version 120. Only for upgrades from V1.0.x

MD5: 1FCB6530CF4692421F324F9F0D267DD4

This is the latest Help System only. Not needed with full installer.

MD5: 02538B3F891AFE3C1E7DBAEB92704B1F

How to Download:

3. A new page will open which shows you all the files packed into the zip. DO NOT click on any folders or files on this page! To download, click the download arrow at the bottom right of the page. You will download a zip file, unpack it and then open the unzipped folder.

4. Install The Program:

Open your unzipped folder and read the text file, ReadMeFirst.txt. It describes setup in detail and has information on any last minute changes.

Double-click setup.exe to install the program. Allow it, for any third party Firewalls. Windows Firewall won't give you any problems. Click 'Install' when the code certificate Warning pops up.

If you want a Help System, copy the PThelp folder out of the Install Folder and copy it to your Documents folder. There is also a folder in the root directory of the Install Folder named, 'Propane Tracker'. This is a sample data folder which contains sample records that you can use to get to know the program with. If you would like to check it out, read the ReadMeFirst.txt text document to find out how to install it. Or just copy it to your Documents folder. When you are ready to start entering your own records, you can just delete this sample folder.

There is a stand alone download for the Help System, which is just a folder named, PThelp, that goes in you Documents folder. The program looks for it there. There is a stand alone version to keep the file size of the program install folder down, for those who don't want the Help System. However, I would recommend it. Propane Tracker is very well documented even though it is not a hard program to use.


Contact Me

Let me know how it's going and what you think: Contact Me.

Change Log:

Bug fixes and enhancements version 1.2.1:

1. Change menu commands for Browser Goto First/Last to Ctr + Up/Dn Arrows, from Ctr+Shift+Left/Right.

2. Rearranged File menu items for easier reading.

3. Made Purple with Gray BG, default Theme colors.

4. Updated and corrected some Help files.

5. Added page-turning sound to browser.

6. Fixed Ctr-Down/Up arrows to beep if user tries to go too far.

Bug fixes and enhancements version 1.2.0:

1. Data and Settings files format changes. Program will automatically fix earlier versions except for beta versions. Beta versions must run version 1.1.6 at least once, then you can upgrade to this version. Alternatively, you can delete PropaneTracker folder from your Documents folder, but you will lose saved records by doing this.

2. Settings window is now tabbed.

3. Added user adjustable Tax Rate option in Settings.

4. Rearranged Record Editor and added tax rate. New records will now calc tax.

5. Tax Rate, Tax, Sub Total and Total Cost now shown in Record Browser

6. Record Browser enlarged with better formatting and lots more info

7. Changed Record Browser formatting

8. Changed Record Editor formatting

9. Lowered maximum characters allowed for Record Notes to 150

10. Added new Editor for changing existing records directly from the Record Browser

11. Added toolstrip icon/button, menu item and shortcut keys for said Record Editor

12. Added extensive context help to new Record Editor

13. Esc can now be used to close most windows

14. Widened Analyzer Lister and added SubTotal & Tax columns w/totals

15. Analyzer Lister header background now set to theme background color

16. Added Make Print Ready and Print Preview buttons to Analyzer Lister

17. Added SubTotal, Tax and Total dollar amounts at bottom of graphs in Reports

18. Made all Report styles uniform with smoke-white BG and white graph BG's

19. Backup folders are now named 'PropaneTracker_Backup' & can be saved anywhere

20. Added user selectable help path in Settings. Default is still Documents folder

21. Updated PThelp Help files extensively

22. Changed default Backup folder to Documents from Desktop

23. Removed intro music from splash screen

Bug fixes and enhancements version 1.1.6:

1. Incorrect average values in Lister fixed.

2. Added averages for gallons and prices in Lister.

3. Added new system icon.

4. Changed About window background and formatting a bit.

5. Added hint to Analyzer to show how to generate Year, Month & Day Reports.

6. Cleared away some unused Resources reducing prog size by about a MB.

7. Added auto-complete to all dropdown lists so user can use keyboard to quickly select.

8. New Feature- You can now jump to first or last record w/Ctr+Shift+Right or Left arrow.

9. Added context help to 'Settings' window via 'Help Box' on title bar.

10. Analyzer now keeps chosen fields when returning from a Report, so you don't have to re-enter fields to re-open Report or open List Report, with same selections.

11. Added context help to 'Analyzer' window via 'Help Box' on title bar.

12. Added new FF right and left menu icons

13. Updated Help System with new features and changes.

14. Add New Record Editor Calendar starts with current date.

15. Set Max records not to rewrite if user selects option already current.

16. Tabs and CRs are now allowed in 'Notes' field in 'Add Record Editor'.

17. Fixed Add New Record Editor to reset fields on Save but not Back.

18. Added context help to New Record Editor.

19. Fixed array loss bug that caused crash selecting Analyzer after making backup.

20. Deployment files will now be accompanied with MD5 checksums.

Bug fixes and enhancements version 1.1.4:

1. First general release

2. Many bug fixes and asthetic fine tuning

3. Added Backup/Restore module in Settings

4. Added Max Record selector in settings

5. Changed PTsettings.txt format from v1.1.2b and (note 1.1.2b is only ver not fix with routine, but only one version of that was released)

6. Added routine to check for old PTsettings.txt format and convert to new on startup

7. Added new Dark Gray Theme Background option, increasing total themes to 14

Beta Versions before this not listed. However, anyone running one of these versions can upgrade to version 116 without losing data from the new settings file format. Beta version must either delete their 'PropaneTracker' folder from their 'Documents' folder or, run version 1.1.6 BEFORE installing version !.2.0 IF you have saved records you want to keep.

Beta versions start with the numbers 1.0 and will have one more number followed by the letter 'b'. Example 1.0.4b.