Repeater Lister script

Repeater Lister For Any Website

The Repeater Lister is a php script that lists different frequency band repeaters along with their offsets and PL Tones, if any. It was designed specifically for Amateur (Ham) Radio stations, but could be used for any class of radio users.

The program is dynamic and can be installed on any website easily, but the site must support PHP and SQLite3, which is pretty common. It has the page that users see and an administration section for adding, deleting, or editing listings.

The Repeater Lister has multiple tabs for choosing different bands. On tab change, the selected band is loaded via the SQLite3 database and all saved frequencies for that band are listed in table format, along with all pertinent data. It is the best Repeater Lister for local machines, on the web and ideal for Amateur Radio Clubs.

The Repeater Lister script can be had for $5 for any licensed Ham and $12 for anyone else.

Installation by me is also available for a small fee.

You can see a live version of the Repeater Lister at the SnoCoHams.Net website. Below is a snapshot:

Repeater Lister script in action