PictureParasite Creator

PictureParasite Creator 2.0 Windows Program

Easily Add Picture Albums To Websites

That Use Joe's Website Template

Version 2 here now! Many updates.

This new program for Windows OS is a utility for folks who power their websites with my Website Framework.

The PictureParasite Creator program allows you to easily create a pictureparasite.html file in each of your picture album folders on your site. This special file is needed in each album folder in order for the picture viewer on the Gallery page to work. The program also creates the link needed in your Gallery page to link to your album... you simply copy and paste it in the HTML of your Gallery page.

The program is free and is useful for any contributor of pictures to your website.

The program requires your computer have Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.x in order to run. You can see if it is already installed by looking through your installed programs via Control Panel>Uninstall A Program. If you need it, here are some links to get it:

What You Need

The only thing you need is Microsoft's NET.framework version 4 installed on your computer. You may already have it installed, check your Control Panel. Here is the download of version 4.5.1 for Windows Vista, 7 and 8:


For XP, download and install version 4:


Get the program

Download The Program

Download the zip file from here. When the page opens showing all the files in the zip, just click the Download Icon at the top of the page.

The download is a compressed .zip file, unpack the files in it and run the Setup.exe file. You can also view a video tutorial on How To install PictureParasite Creator.

You can check the MD5 checksum of the download if you like: D05883E89BF403C27D1C52677B6C53D8

Once you have it installed, you can browse the included help documentation or watch a short video: PictureParasite Creator Tutorial.

If you have a previous version of PictureParasite Creator installed, you should be able to install a newer version over it without first uninstalling it. However if you have problems, uninstall the old version then install the new. If you have any other install issues please contact me. Remember, the program won't run unless you have the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.x installed on your computer.

Major Updates and Changes - ChangeLog

Version 2 is a major upgrade. PictureParasite Creator is now ready for Prime Time! Below is the change log.

Version 2.0 Changes and Fixes - 20Jan2015

- Window colors changed. Beige for prog windows and dk gray for help

- Button styles change to system default

- Redesigned Splash Screen

- Fixed Crash when going to Editor when no picture files in selected folder. User is now notified if no usable files in folder.

- User no long has to edit folder name in copy/paste code provided after saving new picparasite file.

- Editor width enlarged to match Finder and filename listboxes in both windows increased to handle larger filenames.

- Title Textbox in Editor now always has focus after selection

- Default Link and Tooltip text now includes name of selected folder

- Current Folder now displayed in Finder & Editor above file list

- Current Path moved to bottom of screen in Finder

- Edited some text throughout

- Added program title in Finder and intro toggle

- Added option for changing picture transitions

- Eliminated Splash Screen

- Changed 'intro' text

- Extra space added to default text (after supplied picture number)

- Help files updated

Version 1.0 Released - First Release 13Jan2015