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My PhoneFun Acronym Generator is a program I first wrote in 2007. I ran it on my former site ( for many years and it was one of the most popular pages that users visited. The program is a PHP script that takes the users phone number as input then generates every possible phone-pad-letter combination available. There user defined filters to omit useless data. The user can then go through this list and look for words to use in place of there phone number, giving friends, family and customers an easy to remember phone number.

PhoneFun is very popular with people searching for an adequate Google Voice number. Google Voice lets you pick your own phone number and gives you many options. Users can use PhoneFun to find a good acronym before selecting a final number.

The script has gone through many carnations through the years. The latest is the cleanest and most pleasing to the eye. The script starts with a form to insert on your desired page. When the form is submitted, that data is sent to the scripts which work behind the scene on the web server, finally creating and serving a custom results page with all acronyms that fit the criteria. Users can go back to the form, tweak options or change the number, and re-submit the form as many times as they need.

Here is a snapshot of PhoneFun in action from a customers website:

Snapshot of PhoneFun Acronym Generator in action

If you would like this script on your website, the price is $19.

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