Old Time Radio script

Old Time Radio Program For Websites

My Old Time Radio script is a combination of PHP scripts containing Javascript/jQuery and using Json and a SQLite3 database. There is also an Old Time Radio library consisting of about 1500 episodes of shows from the 1930s to 1950's which are available. Price has been drastically cut for a limited time!

Snapshot of Old Time Radio script in action

Here is a snapshot from one of my customer's website. It is a very dynamic browser. When program groups on the left are select all the episodes in that group are filled in the middle column. Once and episode is selected, information about it and a streaming player appears in the large window, along with a download link.

The Old Time Radio episode browser script is not hard to install on your page, especially if you get it with the OTR library I offer. it is a little more tricky when you want to add new program groups; currently, you must have a SQLite3 Database Editor. This will change in future versions. One of the included scrips automatically adds episodes to the database, but there is one setting you must do with an editor. This will change after I re-write the script, but that hasn't happened yet.

The cost of the script is $20. The OTR library if desired is $25. If you would like me to install this on your site, the install price is $25 without the OTR library and $55 if you do purchase the library. Contact me if you would like to make a purchase or if you have any questions, please send Feedback and I will get back to you asap.