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What Makes Me Tick?

My Google+ profile reads: Computer helper, Radio Operator, Perpetual Learner. That doesn't sum it all up, but it's a fair summary. I'm also opinionated as you will see below.I've been a computer junkie since the mid-eighties where I started on my first computer; an Apple IIe clone called the Franklin Ace 2000. Cupertino (Apple Inc headquarters) stopped Franklin from cloning anymore of their machines with a lawsuit, so they cloned IBM's for a while until they finally gave up and started making dictionary readers and so forth.

Some of my computers

I stayed with Apple products until they quit making Apple computers. I owned two Apple IIes, one of which I ran one of the first bulletin board systems (BBS) in the Greater Seattle area. I had an Apple IIc and even the ill-fated Apple Lisa, although it was inoperable. Then my biggest purchase to that point was my beloved 16 bit Apple IIGS.... a grand machine! Then Apple dropped the Apple II line under then CEO John Sculley, and I had a Mac LC for a while. After that I abandoned Apple like they did us Apple II users. I switch to PC's and MS-DOS for a while until I finally got a Windows machine. I've had many windows machines, including a Window CE tablet before tablets were popular. I currently run an old workhorse, a Dell XPS m1330 notebook computer. (note: most would call it a laptop, but I remember the first laptops and compared to them this is a notebook, and in fact, that is what the smaller laptops were originally called: Notebooks.) I also run the Android OS on my phone and tablet.

Amatuer Radio (Ham)

I saw the movie, "Frequency" which inspired me to get a Ham radio license in 2011. I passed the technician class, bought a dual band 2 meter/70cm HT (Handy Talky as Hams call it, or Handheld) and started making contacts. I later purchased a Kenwood 2 meter mobile radio for my car, which I sold when in need of money. I bought another mobile 2 meter mobile Yaesu R1900 (pictured) which I still have and use as a mobile and base rig.


I am basically conservative through and through. I'm not shy about it and I really don't care who likes it or not. Although, a conservative today is yesterday's moderate. I believe in country, language and borders, that simple. I believe in justice more than laws and I believe in honesty and real transparency in a minimal government. I do not cotton to politically correct speech nor do I tolerate feminized wimps. I believe and support the Constitution and Bill of Rights as written and do not see them as "living documents". Like the founders, I believe our rights were given us by God not government and can only taken away by same. I believe criminals should be punished for crime and not coddled, including scumbag low life drug users and dealers. I belief in life, not the culture of death.

Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter

Like most conservatives, I haven't always been one. I was a conformist liberal leftist growing up, albeit more conservative than my friends in some respects. Later, I converted to a Libertarian which eventually led me to being a conservative as I learned more and became disenfranchised with the Libertarian stance on foreign policy and especially drugs. I saw that although they were a lot closer in ideology to conservatives than liberals, their platform was flawed in the areas I described.

As far as political parties go, I identified as a Democrat in my leftist days. But like when Ronald Reagan said, "I didn't leave the Democrat party, it left me", the Democrat party had already been taken over by leftists by the time I reached adulthood. And today, forget about it! It's a party for a banana republic or some outlaw oligarchy, not America.

A Creative Force

Well, maybe not much of a force, but I like to be creative, often to the point of being silly. Many years ago I created somewhat of a parody of 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens. My version is called, 'Alvin The Scrooge' because there are something like 21 different characters in it all played by me with digitally altered voices. It also has ambience sound effects. Originally created (and this is why it sometimes sounds rushed due to space/time constraints) for CD, I usually post the MP3 (audio) files, for folks to listen to. There are four files total and the whole thing is about an hour long. It is a parody in the sense that some of the characters are changed and the storyline altered a bit in places, but it is closer to the actual story than many movie productions of the story because the script was the original text... with a few changes, mostly for time restraints. In any case, I find it humorous and usually listen to it once per year.

I've also do video productions every once in awhile. I used to play guitar a bit and years ago I recorded some of it on tapes that I actually sold. I don't sell them any more. In fact, I don't even let people hear them any more and I haven't picked up a guitar in years. But it is my nature to try to be creative. I don't mind making a fool of myself sometimes, it's the nature of the creative beast. I'm secure enough in myself that I don't need other's validation for my self worth. However, I enjoy when someone gets a chuckle out of one of my crazy projects.

I Despise Active Drug Users

Being one for most of my younger life, you probably wouldn't expect a statement like that from me. The fact is that I have lived it and have worked with recovering drunks and druggies for nearly 40 years. I myself have been clean and sober since 12NOV04.

For those who honestly are willing to go to any length to stay clean and sober, I am willing to do all I can and I believe they are redeemable. Until that day, if it comes, I see drug users are the lowest form of life on the planet besides being engaged in traitorous and criminal activity. They negatively affect everyone they come in contact with, even many they don't know. My experience shows that they should not be coddled with good intentions by loved ones nor given a free pass by law enforcement. Doing so is not justice to the victims or user, as there is a good chance that empathy will kill them.

Drunks, depending on how far they are on journey to the bottom, can be as bad. The same solution applies to them. Look, it takes one to know one. Love does not cure this sickness, only a profound spiritual experience can. It's not easy and most don't make it because they are not honest with themselves and/or they are not willing to go to any length to gain soundness of mind (sobriety). Things usually have to get pretty bad, often times to the breaking point or beyond. There is a solution but only the drunk/user can make a decision to accept it. It's just got to get bad enough for willingness to take hold.

The difference between a drunk and drug addict is:
 A drunk will steal your wallet, a drug addict will steal your wallet and then help you look for it.

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