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This directory contains software which I have written and am now making available for public license. These programs consist of PHP scripts for websites, a complete Fluid Website Framework, and Windows programs.

Each available piece of software has it's own page with detailed information and relevant links so folks can see what they do, how much licenses are, see what support is available for each, and instructions on how to purchase a license at a very reasonable cost, directly from this website. Below is an outline of what is available so far. And of course, links to individual detailed pages are where you would expect, in the menu.

Web Design Software

    Website Template

If you are looking for a ready-made website with a fluid layout, customize-able menus and pages, and simple enough to edit that a monkey could do it, this is for you. This site is a full custom and customize-able Website Framework. Although it has many advanced features, it was built so even a novice html designer could maintain and edit the site. There is even a tutorial DVD available, explaining all the in and outs of the site. Cost for this site is $40. Double that if you want me to install it for you.

    Old Time Radio Scrip

This is a PHP5 script that can be added to your site whether you are using my Website Template or not. The only requirement is that your hosting service supports PHP5 and SQLite3, which is most likely.

    PhoneFun Acronym Gernerator

This has been  a popular go-to PHP script on the web, for years. It is a PHP program that you can easily hook into your own site. It allows your users to find acronyms (words) to use in place of their phone numbers. It also keeps a log of who has used it. This script is available for single user license for $30.

Windows OS Software

    Propane Tracker

This is a Windows program which allows you to track propane (or other gas) use. The user can chose from editable drop-down categories to select Category, Tank, Fill Amount, Price, Date, and Comment, for each record. Once recorded and after time, use patterns start showing up. The program can generate list and graphic reports from the data you have entered. 

The program is simple to use yet includes a robust help system.

If you want to track your propane use over time, this program may come in very handy. You can track multiple categories, such as house, trailer, or individual tanks. You can select the fill size from 1 gallon to over 200. It is very versatile while being a pleasant program to use; you can even switch between many different themes.

This program is free for a limited time. It can be downloaded from this site.

Repeater Lister script

posted Dec 30, 2014, 4:21 PM by PJ Larson   [ updated Nov 1, 2016, 7:04 AM ]

Repeater Lister For Any Website

The Repeater Lister is a php script that lists different frequency band repeaters along with their offsets and PL Tones, if any. It was designed specifically for Amateur (Ham) Radio stations, but could be used for any class of radio users.

The program is dynamic and can be installed on any website easily, but the site must support PHP and SQLite3, which is pretty common. It has the page that users see and an administration section for adding, deleting, or editing listings.

The Repeater Lister has multiple tabs for choosing different bands. On tab change, the selected band is loaded via the SQLite3 database and all saved frequencies for that band are listed in table format, along with all pertinent data. It is the best Repeater Lister for local machines, on the web and ideal for Amateur Radio Clubs.

The Repeater Lister script can be had for $5 for any licensed Ham and $12 for anyone else

Installation by me is also available for a small fee.

You can see a live version of the Repeater Lister at the SnoCoHams.Net website. Below is a snapshot:

Repeater Lister script in action

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